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Freight Insurance


TransInsurers offers freight insurance on a trip transit basis as well as open cover through our sister company, FreightGuard. Through partnerships with leading cargo insurance carriers, coverage can be tailored to fit your business' unique needs and budget.


Spot Cargo Insurance

Shippers, freight brokers and freight forwarders use FreightGuard to provide ALL Risk loss or damage protection on cargo in transit on a per load basis. For high value freight, they cannot rely on traditional cargo policies that contain numerous exclusions and claim conditions. Often times, settlement is based on weight. Pennies on the pound.

FreightGuard's Insurance Policy is a significantly broader form of coverage, which is in the name of the party who actually owns the cargo. When a claim occurs, you don't have to prove who was responsible for the damage or theft - only that it took place during the insured transit.

Visit the FreightGuard website for more information: www.freightguard.com.


Open Cargo Insurance

Shippers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders with high shipping volumes should purchase an open cargo policy to cover loss or damage to cargo in transit. Coverage would apply to all reported shipments during the policy term. 

TransInsurers and FreightGuard will work with the underwriting companies to tailor an insurance policy to your company's unique needs. Rates would be based on shipment frequency, total insurable values, type of goods being shipped, and prior loss history. If qualified, an open cargo policy would be more cost-effective than purchasing insurance on a per-load basis.

To obtain an Open Cargo Insurance quote, please complete and return the application below by email to [email protected] or by fax to (804) 739-9155.

Open Cargo Insurance Application




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